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We are passionate about home grown produce.


Nothing tastes as good as fresh vegetables and herbs picked straight from your own organic vegetable garden, and it really is so simple to grow your own.

We can help you to become your own 'backyard green grocer' and custom design and build your edible garden on site from a range of materials including timber beds and our stunning raised steel beds.  

We can also plant and maintain your edible garden as well as offer seasonal planting advice, soil maintenance and pest control to ensure that your garden is productive all year round.

Hugely satisfying for adults, and fun and educational for children too!


"Cameron has created a visually stunning vegetable garden that provides enjoyment and abundant produce for all our family. It is my greatest delight". Adrienne, Deepdene.



‘Circa 1880’ Deepdene
Set against the cool grey of the house, this front garden was designed to provide a tapestry of colour and texture through the use of differing foliage. Adding a whimsical touch to the elegance of the home this beautiful outdoor…
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‘Wonderland’ Balwyn
Offering a surprise at every turn with it’s neat hedges, array of flowers, dappled shade trees, topiary, raised steel edible garden, patio & swimming pool, this garden truly is a wonderland. We have worked to develop…
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‘Number 2’ Toorak
Our Modern Australian garden. This garden is fed completely from grey water & was one of our favourite projects to design. The garden features a Winter and Summer courtyard, and the plant selection of grasses native plants,…
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